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Insurance Leads

This is a cost effective solution to gain Insurance leads that are of a high quality and require your insurance services – Let us help your business succeed Click ‘Let’s Talk’ and speak to an expert.

    What are Insurance Leads?

    Do you own an insurance company, specialising in either Home Insurance, Car Insurance or Life Insurance, and need more leads into the business? If so, here at HC Media Group, we have the perfect cost effective solution for you.

    HC Media Group can provide you with leads of consumers that are already in the buying cycle, they are already looking for Home / Car or Life insurance and fit yoru bill perfectly. This means that they present a higher rate of conversion into the sale and becoming an actual customer.

    If youa re interested in achieving a highe rclose rate on insurance leads. then please do get in contact with our specialist team today. 

    What are the key benefits of a Insurance Leads?

    Trying to run an insurance company and drive new insurance leads to the business on a day to day basis is hard. Not only do you have to contend with the Insurance Comparison Sites, but you also need to make sure that the marketing that you do is FCA compliant.

    Here at the HC Media Group, we understand this, and have made sure that our process in Insurance Lead Generation gives the following benefits;

    • People need insurance quickly as a necessity
    • Higher quality leads
    • Larger volume of leads
    • Higher conversion rate
    • Only pay for relevant leads

    How much are
    Insurance Leads?

    The price of insurance leads is dependent on the amount and quality required, as this can raise the cost. The cost of the leads needs to be compared to the amount of profit made from each sale and whether it would be a cost effective method of making sales. Contact us for a personalised quote and for the best price for your business.

    Free Marketing Consultation

    To show you what we can do to help you reach business domination, we are offering you a free 30mins marketing consultation with one of our experts to discuss your business’s digital strategy and help take you to the next step. Contact us today for your free no-obligation marketing consultation – This could be your first step towards success.

    Why you should choose HC Media Group for Insurance Leads?

    Here at the HC Media Group we can provide the highest quality insurance leads at the lowest possible cost. This is great for your business as it will cost you less money and require less time to find relevant leads that are in the buying cycle.

    Contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow, or check out our Google Reviews and see what others think of us here at the HC Media Group

    hc media group guarantee

    What’s the HC Media Group Guarantee?

    Here at the HC Media Group we are so confident in our skilled work that we have a guarantee that promises your money back if our work does not lead to an increase in traffic. We give our customers this guarantee to eliminate any risk – we want to give you none of the risk and all of the reward.

    Our company doesn’t just want to make money, we want to hold your hand on your way to business success too. For more details on our guarantee and how this can give you a no risk method to build your business and increase traffic, sales, and profit, then contact us today – we would love to talk to you.

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