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Google Map Optimisation

>Do you want more local customers to visit your business? Then you need to mark your place on the map! Google Maps Optimisation can increase your visibility to those near your business in a few simple steps. Click ‘Let’s Talk’ and speak to an expert.

What is Google Map Optimisation?

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Google Maps Optimisation is where you can optimise your location on Google Maps to improve the visibility of your site to those doing a local search. This sends more traffic to your website so you have a larger customer base to appeal to and convert. This is done by creating a Google My Business listing which recognises you as a business that can be visited. The better your Google my business listing, the better you will rank on Google. This can be achieved by engaging with your account and gaining positive customer reviews.

There are many ways to increase the traffic from your GMB listing, by optimising your business location through Citations, adding Opening Hours, Getting Positive Reviews, Showing that you are a Local Business and increasing search rankings.

Each individual element will not do much to your Google Maps Listing, but if completed as a whole Digital Marketing Campaign, you can easily increase the local search results that you are getting when consumers are searching for your business within the search engine.

HC Media Group specialise in getting more traffic through Google My Business. If this is something that you think can benefit your site, please do contact us today.

What are the key benefits of Google Map Optimisation to your website?

To optimise Google Map Listings as a business owner, you need to engage with a Professional SEO Agency such as HC Media Group to drive new potential customers from Google Search. As long as you have optimized your Google Business Pages correctly you should see the following benefits.

Rank higher on Google in your local area
Increased visibility when someone is looking for your product or service
Easier to be found by local customers
A larger amount of traffic that is interested to spend money with you

How much is
Google Map Optimisation?

Google Map Optimisation’s price all depends on the location. Larger/more competitive areas will incur a larger charge than small, non-competitive locations. It also depends on how many locations a specific client has, as an example. A car showroom with 6 locations will be more expensive than a car showroom with 1.

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Why should you choose the HC Media Group for Google Map Optimisation?

Here at HC Media Group, we have helped over 700 small to medium-sized businesses increase traffic from Local SEO, which involves Google Map Optimisation to increase the amount of traffic and conversions brought by their website. We are also a certified Google Partner so are experts at all things Google and getting the results you want!

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What’s the HC Media Group Guarantee?

Here at HC Media Group, we are so confident in our skilled work that we have a guarantee that promises your money back if our work does not lead to an increase in traffic (terms and conditions apply). We give our customers this guarantee to eliminate any risk, we want to give you none of the risk and all of the reward.

HC Media Group doesn’t just want to make money, we want to hold your hand on your way to business success too. For more details on our guarantee and how this can give you a no risk method to build your business and increase traffic, sales, and profit, then contact us today – we would love to talk to you.

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